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    How would I make a drop down go back to the original state?

    pdfUser1 Level 1

      I have a few drop downs where I can add items and values using a javascript set in the Custom Keystroke format. This part works fine. The thing is, I have placed this other code in the Actions of each drop down:



                  var f = this.getField("cA.2C");

                  f.value = "Choose";


                  var f = this.getField("cA.2C");

                  f.value = "";


      What is happening is when I go to add a new item and value, I have to first click on the drop down arrow, click outside the drop down then click back on the drop down arrow to then type in a item and value. I'd like to be able to click the drop down arrow, the word Choose would go blank giving me a cursor to enter text with one click instead of multiple clicks. What can I do to accomplish this? What am I doing wrong? Is this code the correct script to be using? Or am I gonna have to live with the drop down as I have it? Can someone help me out?