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    correct container issues


      I'm created a list in Acrobat Pro DC and I create the list <L>, list item <LI>, label <Lbl>, and list body <LBody>, when I go to create tag from selection, it provides me with containers under the <LBody> that only have one or two letters in them, rather than the entire line of the list (which is only text).  Is there a way to correct these containers?  I'm trying to remember from my training, but can't seem to.  Do you artifact the containers with the single letters?  Any help would be appreciated.  The reading order is correct. 


      I'm also curious as to what screen readers read, would they read each container has having it's own letter in it rather than reading the word of text?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          a_C_student Level 3

          I generally get better results by tagging by some method other than Create Tag from Selection. I usually start by auto-tagging during conversion from the source document, or if the source document is not available auto-tag in Acrobat Pro. The Touch Up Reading Order tool is another choice. In my experience only Create Tag from Selection causes the result that you describe. Regardless of tagging method, there is always some work left to do in the tag structure.


          Regarding what screen readers read, there is a cure for your curiosity. Free screen-reader-emulators are available that display a PDF in the way that someone using a screen reader would hear it. Examples are pdfGoHTML from Callas Software and the Screenreader Preview in PAC 2 from Access for All.


          Hope this helps.

          a 'C' student

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            _Crockett_ Level 1

            As a_C_student noted, the Touch Up Reading Order tool (Tools > Accessibility > Reading Order) would be the better tool instead of the selection tool to avoid the broken text you are describing. Dragging around a block of text will ensure that selected elements are together in a tag.