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    Flash Movie Works ok in test but not in browser?

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      Quick Problem:

      I have a movie that connects and displays the data fine when run by testing
      the movie from within flash its fine however as soon as i try to run it from
      the html or by IIS link to the swf, or even by browsing to the swf via file
      manager it fails to do show any data.

      Any ideas why?


      Full Description:

      My code was connecting fine before or at least i think it was.
      Does anyone have a basic fla that works for them using the methods below
      that i could test on my machine?

      the connection code is as follows:

      code =============
      import mx.remoting.*;

      function Result()
      //receives data returned from the method
      this.onResult = function(result)
      trace("Data received from server : " + result + result.items.length + "
      items were received" );
      //this is where we put the data in the text field
      for (i=0;i<results.items.length;i++){

      dataField.text = dataField.text + result.items.length;
      dataField.text = dataField.text + result.items.length;

      this.onStatus = function(error)
      trace("Error : " + error.description);
      dataField.text = "Error : " + error.description;

      var gw = NetServices.createGatewayConnection();
      var server = gw.getService("flashservices.gateway.interaction", new

      end code ================

      A few things have flagged in my mind, they may be way off track however;
      - Recent security changes in browsers (click here to activate...)
      - My wildcard import on the first line however i'm not sure which
      dependancies i specifically need to compile this project.
      - cross domain security restrictions.. i am currently connecting to a
      service at a remote server from my local machine/IIS

      what confuses me is that good ol' CTRL+ENTER works fine but obviously fails
      on any parameter calls such as loading "newsitem.swf?theID=<variableID>"
      which requires that it be run via a webserver.

      Any help would be appreciated.