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    Creating a photo book and finding a printer

    sandral74608673 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a photo book using InDesign CS5.5. However, I'm running into issues with certain online printers who don't want to give out the printer's specs. One of them has PSD templates and told me to just import the template into ID. However, when I did that, the trim and "safe zone" lines disappeared, and I'm not so experienced that I could figure out how to set my master pages up easily.


      I tried asking for the specs, but my emails either go unanswered or "disappear" from their forums. This kind of makes me not want to do business with those companies.


      So...1) Can anyone give me an idea of how to work around this? i.e. set up the pages on my own. 2) Can anyone recommend a photo book company?


      Once I finish this book, I want to start another one. My mom's got a milestone birthday coming up next year.


      Thanks, everyone!