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    Help converting stuff in Streamline for Flash

    19PEZ76 Level 1
      Hi, need tips and a "how to", would like to convert my simple black and white line drawings into vectors using Adobe Streamline . I would like to be able to color and use these in Flash. I use to animate e-cards and this is how we'd do it but it's been several years since I've done it and I've forgotten how. I have Streamline 4 and Flash 5, old skool but they work fine for personal stuff.

      Can someone suggest Streamline settings for converting simple character drawings in vectors? And if possible a layman's step-by-step on where to find stuff in the menu and how to go about doing things? Thanks for your time!

      (P.S., I have Illustrator 9 but that's about it for my programs and no access to others incase anyone has a different suggestion, would like to work with what I have.)