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    Help with changing properties of textbox

      I created a textfield on the stage with the following properties specified in the property inspector:

      type: Dynamic Text
      instance name: events_txt
      line type: multiline
      font: _sans
      character position: normal
      font-size: 24
      text color: black
      align: left
      selectable button, render text as html button, and show border button are all active

      When I write the following code, it does not work:
      events_text._alpha = 85;

      Also, the only way I could get the following line to work was when I clicked the show border button (was not originally selected).
      events_txt.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xCCCCCC); // this only works when clicking border button in property inspector

      This code is in frame 1 of scene 1 in my move. I am using a component in my movie as well, and this textbox is supposed to be on top of the movie, with the background of the textbox slightly transparent. I am fairly new to flash and actionscript, and I am supposed to be modifying an existing document. Most things have been easy enough to do, but for some reason I can't get this to work.

      Can anyone tell me something what I am doing wrong?