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    film menu - wrong formatted text after opening again


      After a few chats with support I post it again.


      Support advice: We do not look in to the issue for version 13. Contact on forums. Either they will fix it or give you other options. Forums is the only option related to this version.

      Post it again in a new thread & get i fixed. Whatever the help that you need for tis version or need to discuss related to this version. There is only one option & thats Adobe Forums. Chat support can not do anything for this version


      Bug description:

      I created film and film menu. I formatted text in menu. I burn bluray. Everything was OK. After few days i decided to change something in film menu. When I open film menu all text was wrong formatted. It was different fonts, there was not CR. I had to remove film menu and create it again. What happened, how to avoid that situation?

      Example in attached picture.