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    Recurring "Metadata externally changed"

    teho59 Level 1



      I have moved my photos to a Netgear ReadyNAS 516 with plenty of space. I am using LR 2015.6.1 on windows 10 64bit. The disk where I save my photos is connected as a shared disk.


      I noticed this when I am moving a lot of photos around in LR to reorganize my photos.


      Now I am experiencing that I got a lot of photos is marked with "Metadata was changed externally". I select all photos and do a manually save with ctrl-s. Now the flags are gone for 10-15 seconds and then comes back. The Date modified time on the photos is changed on disk.


      If I do a "Read Metadata from file" they are all fine afterward. If I now change something (in one or many files) the files will still be fine and LR will write and update the files automatically (the write xmp automatically flag is on). The Data modified time is changed on the photos on the disk.


      If I do a manually save again the problem reoccurs. If I do a manually save for one photo it seems to not happen again, but two or more triggers the flag.


      Could there be some timing problem? That LR is writing to the disk but the NAS is buffering and set the modified time a few seconds later?

      LR is doing the same file updating wether it is manually or automatic save I guess so that should not be the cause?


      As far as I can see the clock is the same on my computer and NAS.


      Anyone experienced this an has solved it? Searched the forum but did not find any solution.


      - Terje