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    Lightroom Standalone Update 6.6.1


      I need Lightroom Standalone 6.6.1 update for my new Fujifilm X-T2 camera, but I have been directed to the forum because there is no one at Adobe who can tell me where to download it from.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

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          Although it might say CC 2015 it is exactly the same as LR 6 and the difference is how you Sign In to LR.

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            adobepain1 Level 1

            Thank you!  I had located the link in the forum just prior to your answering my question and I downloaded the update.  I was then concerned whether it would work, because of all the problems I was seeing in the forum with 6.6.1.  However, the problems were mostly associated with WIN10 and or users using MACs with older software, so I took a leap of faith and installed 6.6.1.  Happily, the update was successful for me, although until I get my X-T2 on Monday and process some raw files, I won't know if there are any issues. 


            It appears that the support people in India (I spoke to three) can't answer questions on the Standalone updates, so phone calls are a waste of time.  I will be using the forum the next time I need help.