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    Solr inconsistant results with customized synonyms.txt file

    MikelBGI Level 1

      I'm am using a customized synonyms.txt file to create product / technical term synonyms as well as spelling corrections for product names.

      There seems to be an issue with spaces. Some work and some don't. This doesn't have a pattern nor make any sense to me. Can someone help?


      Config: ColdFusion v11.10 Ent. Win 2012 DC


      reference: Adobe ColdFusion 9 * Solr search examples


      Here's a the customized file:


      Items in bold do not work.


      # Some synonym groups specific to this example
      "Television, Televisions, TV, TVs"
      "#notice we use ""gib"" instead of ""GiB"" so any WordDelimiterFilter coming"
      #after us won't split it into two words.

      "ip edge, ipedge"

      "telephone, phone"

      "e-mail, email"

      # Synonym mappings can be used for spelling correction too

      pixima => pixma

      vip edge => vipedge

      ip-edge, ip edge => ipedge

      uc edge,uc-edge => ucedge

      zeds => phone

      manger => manager

      confrencing => conferencing

      busness => business

      fone => phone

      collabortion => collaboration

      fedration => federation

      unfied => unified

      comunication => communication

      mobilty, moblity => mobility

      telefone => telephone
      presents => presence

      fire wall => firewall

      sofphone => softphone

      mesaging, messging => messaging

      servce =>  service

      wirless => wireless

      call centre => call center

      cloud technolgy =>cloud technology

      on site, on premise, on-premise => on-site

      off site, off premise, off-premise => off-site