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    Table causes beachball then finally crash if touched in any way

    squidz Level 1

      I have a table with about 60 rows and 5 columns. It's currently inline with the content flow. If I put my cursor in a cell, I'm toast. If I place my cursor after it and try to delete, crash. I can't even get the damn thing out. I've saved as IDML and tried a fresh conversion, no go.


      The beachball will spin for up to 4-5 mins before the file will finally choke.


      The overall document is 48 pages, that will be part of a larger book. There are other tables, that aren't causing any trouble. ID 2015.4 Relase, build, Mac OS 10.11.6.


      I popped open Activity Monitor during the last spin of death and it showed ID using 95% of my CPU.


      Anyone that can help get it removed so i can rebuilt it, please advise. It's killing progress at a very inopportune time.