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    After 4 Years, my InDesign CS 5.5 decided it was a "Trial" and denied me access!

    RickC44 Level 1

      I will try to be brief.  I am the Original Purchaser and Registered User of Adobe’s InDesign CS5.5 software.  I have the CD and the box it came in as well as the original packaging from Adobe’s PageMaker 6.5 which I had originally purchased years before, but Adobe quit revising PageMaker, so I upgraded to InDesign CS5.5.  Then back in March 2012 I chatted with Samantha at Adobe, and she assisted me with getting it running and registered.  Today my Adobe Account currently shows it as being registered to me on March 26, 2012.


      Here is my problem:


      Back on March 22, 2012, when I chatted with Samantha it was because I had been using PageMaker 6.5 without any difficulties until I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.  After the upgrade to Windows 7, PageMaker 6.5 no longer worked well.  Then since PageMaker was no longer be revised, I purchased an Upgrade Version of Adobe InDesign CS5.5.  I asked Samantha “BEFORE I OPENED THE UPGRADE PACKAGE” if I installed it, would it work, and she told me, that since I had purchased PageMaker 6.5 as a standalone product, it would.


      Now fast forward 4 ½ YEARS to today, and all of a sudden I get a message that my “Trial Version” has expired.  After 4 years it decides it’s a TRIAL VERSION AND DECIDES to expire?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  Ever since upgrading to Windows 10 several months ago, I have not had any issues with my InDesign C5.5 software until now.


      After following the directions given me during my last Chat session, I have uninstalled the version of InDesign C5.5 I had been using so I could download another version, however, every time I did (at least five times now) I have to enter the Serial Number of my prior software.  Well that software was an UpGrade Version, so apparently the software is looking for another serial number that it never locates because of so many uninstalls and reinstalls.  The original Serial Number for PageMaker 6.5 is: [deleted by moderator].  I tried to enter that, but it doesn’t recognize it or the software program and there is no option to enter a PageMaker Serial Number, only another InDesign number.


      During my last Chat Session I even let Rohit M. take remote control of my computer to see what he could do, and still nothing changed!  So after using this program for 4 years, the software I purchased abruptly changed to a trial version and the trial ended?  How ridiculous!


      This is especially aggravating being I am a 72 year old retired individual and only use this software occasionally for some volunteer work I do, I am very familiar with how it works and because it does everything I need it to do I have no need, or desire, to subscribe and pay $240 a year for some fancy, complicated and confusing program I would hardly use.  I haven’t had any problems with my InDesign CS5.5 software ever – even after upgrading my PC to Windows10 until this annoying message popped up.


      PLEASE HELP:  The easiest solution would be to obtain a Serial Number I can enter that will be recognized by my InDesign CS5.5 software when it starts up, because it doesn’t recognize the PageMaker 6.5 Serial Number that worked when I originally loaded it over 4 years ago.  Unfortunately I can’t locate any source where I can purchase an old version of InDesign CS5.0


      If anyone has an idea how I can resolve this dilemma please let me know….. Thank you!


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