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    DB Update - mySQL - cfmx6.1

      <select name="workshop10" size="1">
      <option value="" <cfif workshop10 IS ''>selected</cfif>>Choose One
      <option value="Private" <cfif workshop10 IS 'Private'>selected</cfif>>Private
      <option value="Semi_Private" <cfif workshop10 IS 'Semi_Private'>selected</cfif>>Semi_Private
      <option value="Workshop" <cfif workshop10 IS 'Workshop'>selected</cfif>>Workshop</option>

      The above code works well but in mySQL the option values are not accepted while updating the DB unless the option values have a underscore character included. See above (Semi_Private). I would prefer not to have to use the underscore character as this leads to a lot of coding to remove this character on output. Does anyone know why I cannot just use (Semi Private) as an option value and I am not well versed with mySQL. I have the datatype as varchar(255).