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    Cannot Import Photos into LR (MacBook Pro)


      Hi all,


      I just received my refurbished MacBook Pro today. I have installed Lightroom and have unsuccessfully tried to import photos. When I try, I get this:


      "Some operations were not performed. Could not move a file to the requested location."


      Then it lists ALL the photos. I've tried several things:


      1. I've closed Lightroom, deleted the Preference file, then rebooted. No luck.

      2. Import from the SD Card to a folder on my Mac.

      3. Moved all the photos from the card to a folder on my desktop. Then tried to import. Same thing.

      4. Copy as DNG. Nope.

      5. Move and Add in the Import panel. Uh-uh.

      6. I even tried to import the photos from the folder on my Desktop to an external hard drive. Same error.

      7. I also updated OS X El Capitan. 


      I can't figure out what's wrong. Can anyone help?


      Thank you!