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    Photomatix Pro / Lightroom


      For some time now I have been using Photomatix Pro plug-in successfully with Lightroom.

      Recently when I re-import to into Lightroom stacked with the original it moves the images in the library to the opposite end of the shown images.

      ie if say a recently imported image with a low location number (say 100) the stacked images will be moved to a high number location (say 50,000).

      If I unstack them the original photo moves back to 100 but the manipulated photo stays high.at 50,000.

      Can anyone help please?

      Neville Nicholson

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          Are you viewing a folder or a collection? I always create collections for my HDR brackets so that the Photomatix tiff doesn't get lost in a big giant folder of images.


          What sort method are you viewing with?

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            nevilleg Level 1

            I am viewing in the big giant folder.

            I do put the finished HDR image in a separate collection.  It is just that once the Images are stacked that is when they get lost.

            You mention tiff files, could this be the problem?

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              Photomatix Pro creates tiff files but that really isn't the issue unless Lightroom is sorting based on file type.


              Lightroom's sort order controls how they are viewed. When the images are stacked, they are ordered by the name, or modification date, (or what ever method you have chosen) by the top image in the stack. The other images in the stack stay grouped with the top image. Try changing the sort order of the folder which is found under the view menu .

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                nevilleg Level 1

                My sort order is Capture time and descending.

                The problem I am experiencing only manifested itself recently.  Previously even when changing the tiff image to the top of the stack it remained in the location of the original photo.

                Now it disappears to the other end of the library ignoring capture time and date into a section where the photos are several years older.

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                  Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                  Change the sort order to File name and that should fix your problem. I just tried File Type, and File Name. File type moved the tiff to the end of the folder as I would expect. File name placed it next to the originals because the file name is the same, with the addition of the edit extension.


                  If your capture time metadata is being stripped from the Photomatix image, check your Photomatix preferences. Something may have changed there. Lightroom won't strip this information, but Photomatix could.

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                    nevilleg Level 1

                    Thanks for the responses.  I know have the files where I know they should be.

                    The problem I have is brain and finger co-ordination sometimes goes astray.

                    Thanks again.