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    Lost All Files on iOS while updating Adobe Reader


      On an iPad mini, i updated my Adobe reader app and when i went back to the app all my files were gone! They were really important! is there a way to get them back???

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi ajoy502,


          After the update, is it possible that you were signed out from the Document Cloud?


          In the Acrobat Reader app, please go to "My Account" and check if you are signed in.  Do you see the "Sign In" button in blue (meaning that you are signed out) or the "Sign Out" button in gray (meaning that you are signed in)?


          Alternatively, you can use a web browser to check if your documents are stored in the Document Cloud.


          1. Open a web browser.
          2. Go to https://cloud.acrobat.com/
          3. Sign in with your Adobe ID.
          4. Tap/click "Document Cloud" in the left pane.


          Do you see your documents in the Document Cloud section?


          Please let us know what you find.


          Thank you.