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    Retain expanding text that was changed locally before upgrading to RoboHelp 2015?


      I have searched the forum and read all posts about expanding text but cannot find the answer to this issue.


      In RoboHelp X5.02, our project of 3300 topics uses expanding text in body paragraphs, DHTML drop-downs, and other styles. The expanding text was created by dragging a glossary term to a selected phrase or word and then changing the glossary definition expanding text. When I open the X5.02 project in RoboHelp 2015 and upgrade it, those expanding text hotspots will not open because there is no matching glossary term. Otherwise, the project upgraded and I generated FlashHelp and WebHelp output successfully.


      Is there any change I can make in the X5.02 project that allows retaining this changed expanding text?


      Much appreciation for any help with this!