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    InDesign GPU Performance for Magazines

    Spino27 Level 1

      The new GPU Performance feature in 2015.4 is great and makes images look very sharp on the screen (new 5k iMac 4GHz i7, 32Gb), but when working in large documents and designing magazines it can lead to difficulties.


      I design monthly sport magazines which sees me working in large documents, e.g 40-50 pages a section (around 75Mb a document), with lots of high-resolution, large file-size images, and since the GPU Performance update this has led to difficulties, obviously with the images taking their time to load (to be expected), but also more worryingly with InDesign crashing lots of times ('InDesign is shutting down'; 'this file may be damaged' errors).


      Note that before the GPU Performance update (2015.3?), there were no problems whatsoever with a document of this size on the same machine. I have produced lots of mags this year.


      Has anyone else experienced issues like this? Is the simple answer that my documents are just too big, and I should just work in smaller docs (20 pages)? Or can InDesign with GPU manage this type of document and I should persist?


      At present I've disabled GPU Performance and defaulted back to typical view, but it seems a shame not to use it if it is there.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd bet the Adobe engineers who work on GPU performance would like to have a chance to look into that. I've passed this report on to them.

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            rachelh59424634 Level 1

            I have the same problem. It's infuriating. I just bought a brand new iMac with ALL the bells and whistles so that I could work on complex files like a magazine and graphics for a 20' x 8' wall … but alas, I need to turn off GPU performance and STILL need to cross my fingers and pray that the file doesn't get damaged during a crash. Ugh. I had a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro and the difference with the new high-end iMac is barely noticeable. I've chatted with my hardware IT team and also Adobe support and basically was told that complex files just don't handle well with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Incredibly frustrating. Spino27 I feel your pain!

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              I'm glad I came across this while searching another problem (my layers palette is blank).
              I have constant redraw problems with InDesign since 2015.4.  It's terrifying.  This is my livelihood at stake here!  And randomly -- poof -- the contents of a file don't show up.  I can't recreate the problem, but I'll try turning off the GPU thing.  Maybe it will fix my palette too.


              I want to strangle Adobe for releasing so many updates, and EVERY ONE has some new glitch.  Just make it WORK!!