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    Cannot upload video to the web (Neither Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook)

    carolynd31325936 Level 1

      I am using Windows 10. I have stored my files and project on an external hard drive, but I also have a complete copy on my C Drive.


      I have previously uploaded an earlier version of my current project to Facebook and had no difficulty.


      However, today, when I tried to upload it to the web (I tried Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube) I got a message that "Online services encountered an error.  The service will now be terminated or paused if possible". When I dismiss the dialogue box, I get a second message saying, "An error has occurred transferring files. Would you like to try again, stop the work flow or terminate this service completely?


      In researching this forum I found what sounds like a similar problem in reference to Adobe Premiere Elements 13. At that time there was no solution to the problem, although a number of people tried to help. One of the questions asked by the online helpers was whether or not the problem had to do with copyrighted material. I tested this by removing a piece of music that might have been copyrighted, but it made no difference. The file would still not upload.


      I fear I may have corrupted my project somehow and need to know if the problem can be fixed or if I need to trash my project and start over again.  And if this is going to happen to any project I do in Adobe Premiere 14.


      Thank you for your help.