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    Create a pdf export preset that holds security


      Hi there,


      I have a very similar question to that discussed in the following but given we’ve moved on quite a bit since 2012 I think it’s best to restart.




      I have a team that all use InDesign CC to export to pdfs.


      My team and my client have a mutual requirement to apply the same level of security on every pdf generated.


      I had hoped InDesign CC would allow me to create a pdf export preset that would hold the appropriate security and I would then be able to apply that preset to each machine in the studio. This would guarantee that as long as the team used the preset the same security levels would be applied to 100% of our exported pdfs.


      I’m finding the process of applying security incredibly manual:

      Navigate to the security tab, tick ‘Use a password to restrict printing, editing and other tasks’, enter a password, select the appropriate ‘Changes Allowed, hit export, enter the password again.


      As the process is so manual I cant guarantee to my client that the same level of security will be applied consistently, I know myself that when the pressure’s on I would choose not apply the security to save time and I know my team will also select the incorrect ‘Changes Allowed’ from the drop down menu.


      Is anyone aware of a script or a way around the issue I’ve described?


      A preset that holds all of the detail I require within the Security tab would be far easier to rollout on scale.