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    duplicate files when importing from iphone into new catalogue


      Hi! I have the following reproducable behaviour with Lightroom CC Version 2015.6.1


      1. I create a new catalogue A and import pictures P from my iphone to folder F on computer (method: copy)
      2. I make some new pictures Q with iphone, import them to folder F and only the new pics are imported into the lightroom catalogue.
        As far as this, normal and expected behaviour. (Don't import possible duplicates ist checked!)

      3. I create a new catalogue B
      4. I import the pictures P and Q (the ones I imported earlier from iPhone to the catalogue A) from HDD folder F (method: add)
      5. Now the pictures are in the catalogue B (both catalogues look identical now)
      6. Now, I make some more pictures R with the iphone, and now, I want to import them into catalogue B Target is again folder F.
      7. Don't import possible duplicates ist checked! Method is: copy
      8. Lighroom does not recognize the already existing pictures and imports all the pictures P, Q (already exist) and R(new) from iphone into catalogue B
      9. Now I have twice the pictures from P and Q in catalogue B and in Folder F are duplicates of the files, renamed by Lighroom with -2.jpg
      10. e.g. now I have IMG_2303.jpg AND IMG_2303-2.jpg in Folder F both files are 100% identically (tested it with tools)


      As "normal" behaviour I would expect, that Lighroom recognizes the pictures P and Q as existing in catalogue B and only imports the new pictures R from iphone.

      But it seems that Lightroom does only find duplicates when the files where imported into the same catalogue earlier AND from the same source (iphone).


      I also would clearly understand the behaviour if i had omitted step 4 - importing the files from hdd folder, then the files would be only on hdd and not in catalogue.


      Can someone explain this, or has an solution for this?


      (Clearly I could use just one catalogue, but I have an entire hdd of existing iphone pictures and want to add only new iphone pics to it via Lightroom, while leaving the old pictures on iphone as well)


      Thank you very much in advance...

      Greetings, Birlie


      For the sake of completeness:
      Windows 10 64bit, Lightroom CC 2015.6.1, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s