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    iPad Opening Attachments from within PDF Documents


      I'm having an issue opening attachments that are contained within a PDF document using the "paper clip" icon on the document.  When I open the document on my computer, the "paper clips" work just fine for launching the other attached PDF documents but when I open it in DC on my iPad, it displays the "paper clips" but will not allow me to click on them.  I can click on the "paper clip" icon at the bottom of the screen and it will display the attachments and allow me to view them from there but they're not in the proper order as they are linked on the document, they don't have a reference to let you know which "paper clip" on the main document they come from, and I can't seem to get them to launch properly from within the document at all.  Am I missing something or is the functionality of clicking on the "paper clip" contained within the document itself just not something that the iPad version of Adobe Reader DC supports?






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