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    Adding additional metadata to a project and retrieving them during export.




      Is it possible via the Premiere Pro API/SDK calls to add additional/custom metadata to a project?


      I'm asking this because I'm creating a custom exporter for my own format and need additional metadata in it such as title/author/version and whatever I come up with.


      What I did (as a temporary workaround) is adding a custom TAB in the File->Export->Media (and thn select my own exporter) with the fields I require and use that to create my export. But these values are locally stored somewhere in the user profile, so not persistent in the project. When opening and working on another project the settings are lost.

      (Note: storing them in presets is not an option because these are lost too if somebody else continues the project.)


      I need it to work on CS6.05 as well as CC7 for both Windows (and a to be implemented port on MAC OS-X).


      An ideas what also could be done is adding a dummy video effect with parameters in it, but getting these parameters from inside the exporter callbacks seems to be impossible or at least very poorly documented how to do it.