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    Lightroom does not apply lens profile automatically




      I am using Lightroom CC based on MacOS.


      Unfortunately, Lightroom does not apply the profile of my SIGMA 150-600 mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM S014 in the development mode but shows the lens correctly in Bibliothek mode. All other lenses (CANON) are applied automatically, so it looks like I did not make a configuration issue. Lightroom shows up that profile cannot be detected automatically and therefore cannot be applied. In the list of lenses I can choose that lens and than profile is applied.

      Support said that this lens is not supported. I can see in the attached list of that answer all lenses supported by lightroom. And guess what, the lens is in that list. Case closed.

      So support team did a worse job and did not check the list. I have described that I can choose it manually but the response shown above was the answer.

      Any ideas how a.) kick support team to do their job and b.) help me with my problem.