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    How can i see font weight in Acrobat DC


      I use Acrobat on daily basis in a way that I build websites based on designs in the PDF files. I do like this for many years, but with new Acrobat version i cannot see font weights anymore. When i switch into editing mode and select some text i can see for instance it's Verlag 12pt but is it Verlag bold or semibold or book or light? I know i can open PDF in Illustrator and get the information from there, it's something i do now, but in the past versions of Acrobat i could select some text, click with right mouse button, and pick 'properties' and i was getting all the required info. It was longer than now where the information shows on right hand side panel but more detailed information. I prefer Acrobat as i can more quickly jump between pages as i have all them in one long PDF and it uses less resources than Illustrator. I suppose it may have something to do with fonts not being installed, but this was never the issue and i do websites were i have web fonts. And i know i can sync typekit fonts, but not all fonts are in typekit. So i'm wondering do i miss here something, is there workaround, or was the feature overlooked and can be added by Adobe?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          There are two ways Acrobat would indicate if it's the bold/italics/... version of a font: For some fonts, you would see a highlighted "bold" and/or "italics" button below the font size:




          Here you can see that "italics" is highlighted.


          For other fonts, you would actually see the bold/semi-bold/blk/light/... as part of the font name:




          With a font like this, you cannot just toggle the bold button, you may get an error about not all styles of that font being available.

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            adamt85324595 Level 1

            I thinke the 'HelveticaNeueLT Std Blk' showed up because you have the font installed however if you haven't it wouldn't show up. Please have a look at following comparison taken at same time from exact same file in Acrobat and Illustrator. In Acrobat you can only say it's Verlag only in Illustrator you can find out it's 'Book' and this is problem here. I'm not wishing to change the font at all only to know what it is without the need to open each page in Illustrator.