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    Random spaces

      I'm publishing to WebHelp using RoboHelp for Word. I'm getting random spaces breaking up words throughout the manual. In other words the text looks like this...

      This is a sa mple sentence.

      Has anyone come across this before or know of a solution?
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          IIRC, something resembling this happened to me when I migrated from RH2000 to X5. I believe I was importing Word docs to be used in the X5 built-in HTML editor. Of course, this was just one of several formatting issues that process created.

          Solution: Edit every topic and manually fix them all.

          I had to audit and edit every topic due to other formatting issues anyway, so I didn't think much of it. I can't remember which ways I tried to import into X5 though (project import, CHM, and each file separately I think, but that part of it is vague - it happened nearly 2 years ago), so I can't say if one solves this issue or not. All I know is that I spent about 2 hrs messing with the import, didn't find a solution to my formatting problems (not this problem specifically), and then decided to cut my losses and start editing.

          Due to this process, I have never been enamored with the spell checker capabilities of RH's built-in HTML WYSIWYG editor - many of these errors I only noticed after exporting to Word for a printed manual.

          Maybe someone else has had better luck.
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            bob2cam Level 1
            Your right. This is ugly. I have some 50 chapters and every topic has random spaces. They don't show up in the Word document, only after I generate the file do they appear. Ugh!

            At least It's fixable, thanks for the help!
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again bob2cam

              Sheesh, I wish I'd have looked here first before answering your other post.

              This thread is cross posted to two different forum categories. please, Please PLEASE don't do this! This just serves to cause confusion for all involved. Those of us that monitor the forums are already watching all the categories. When you cross post like this, you may *think* you will receive an answer faster. Unfortunately the opposite is usually true. It slows the process. Not only that, but it makes searching for information down the road more difficult.

              Click here to see the other thread where another, different answer has been offered.

              Sincerely... Rick
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                bob2cam Level 1
                Sorry about that.. Normally, I don't cross post. I should have waited and then if no replies were generated I could have edit the post, noting that it was being posted elsewhere.