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    Is there a way to easily use an image frame to create a keyline?

    Ian Jaffray


      I have to place about 100 photographs in a book and I'd like a keyline to appear around each one a few picas away from the image content. Each image is a different rectangular size. I can drag the frame of each one out, laboriously, and assign a stroke to it, but I'd like to do this more automatically and reliably. I could of course place the images and construct the keylines around them using the Rectangle tool, but it seems there should be a much easier way of getting this effect.

      I haven't found that Frame Fitting Options can do this, although I thought with negative cropping value it should have been able to. As I resize each image, I'd like the frame to grow and shrink with it, always those few picas away from the image content edges.

      So, the goal is that I want to place each photo centered on the page and have a .5 pt keyline surround each differently-sized image at a distance of, say, 3 picas from the edges of the image.

      If there is no other way to do this, is there any way to edit a frame's properties directly (i.e. rather than having to drag it out using the mouse) so as to move it away from coincidence with the image's boundaries on all sides? There are of course many articles that describe how to ensure that a frame coincides with its contents, but I haven't found any that describe ways to have it appear at a distance away from the contents. I have also not found any scripts that could do this.

      Thanks for your help,