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    Saving Photos in Package at 100% Res

    David McGinnis Level 1

      There is a part of my workflow that I keep thinking should be available as an automatic process, but I've never figured out a way to do automatically, just wondering if anyone else has to do this and if you've found a way to make it automatic.


      So the thing is when I package an inDesign file for printing and archiving, I only want to save the photos in the document at the largest resolution needed to print the brochure (and not at their original size provided by the photographer). Currently that means looking at the photo in inDesign, remembering the size used, opening the photo in Photoshop, resizing it, saving it and closing it. I can't figure out any way to script that because it is a different size depending on where the photo is used. I was hoping it would someday become part of the package features, but it hasn't yet!


      Any ideas? Thank you!