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    fixed layout epub text/word spacing issues

    paul.montei@kornferry.com Level 1

      I have a book i have exported to fixed layout that turned out almost perfect.


      I have some instances where it appears that the use of character styles, in this case, italics has made some extreme spacing both tight and far apart. I also have text that has gone outside of the text frame.


      I have included 4 screen shots of what is happening in the book.

      1 fixed layout iBook epub.png

      This is from iBooks. RH page, text outside of the text box (i'm using shading in my paragraph style), running header is bunched together with chapter number, head at top of gray box is too tight at the occurrence of italics (character style).

      1 fixed layout ibook epub.png


      2 INDD layout.png - same page from indesign cc

      2 INDD layout.png


      3 INDD MP running chapter head.png - same page from indesign cc

      3 INDD MP running chapter head.png


      4 dreamweaver2.png - the view from dreamweaver cc

      I thought i could edit from dreamweaver, but this is what i see when i open the page, except for bold missing, no problems at all.

      4 dreamweaver2.png


      So what do i do now? is the problem my layout? or is fixed layout too new?


      thanks for any help or direction.




      Indesign CC 2015.4

      11.4.102 Build


      using Gotham opentype