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    Exit Box and Document Cloud


      I lost my files that were located in the exit box, because I saved them into the Document Cloud, but now they aren't in the Document Cloud or anywhere, so I can't find them. Hope I didn't lose them. Can someone help?

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi filipep38077664,


          Would you please explain what you mean by "Exit Box"?


          Please use a web browser to check if your documents are stored in the Document Cloud.


          1. Open a web browser.
          2. Go to https://cloud.acrobat.com/
          3. Sign in with your Adobe ID.
          4. Tap/click "Document Cloud" in the left pane.


          Are there any documents in the Document Cloud section?


          Please let us know what you find.


          Thank you.

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            filipep38077664 Level 1

            I already had done what you suggested, but there's nothing in the Document Cloud. The Exit Box, well... I'm Portuguese, I was trying to translate it to English, I didn't find a better way than that.  But I'll try to explain... I was uploading the files on my phone to a Dropbox folder, which I used before signing up for the Adobe Document Cloud. But I turned off the wifi signal, and the files were "stuck" in a folder (Caixa de Saída in Portuguese, what I translated to the best of my knowledge to Exit Box). When I connected the phone to a wifi signal, the files did not begin to upload, and for days I was trying again, but they wer effectively stuck in that folder. In the top corner, on the right, I clicked in an option "Send to Document Cloud", which erased the documents from that folder. So I thought I had successfully send them to the Document Cloud. But the files aren't there.

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              MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

              Hi filipep38077664,


              "Caixa de Saída".  Ah, yes.  I got it.  It's called "Outbox" in English.


              The documents that appeared in Outbox should be stored in the Document Cloud.  But you've already confirmed that those documents no longer exist in the Document Cloud.


              I send you a forum private message requesting additional information.  We will use the information to check server activity logs to find out what happened to your lost Document Cloud files.


              Thank you for your help!