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    Content not displaying

      We recently moved our RoboHelp files from a web server running Windows 2000 to a server running Windows 2003...and now our RoboHelp page is not displaying the help index (frame?). Any ideas why this might be? Have tried viewing in IE and Firefox and neither works...no error - just a blank space where the content should be. Help!
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi okra111,

          What version of RH are you using?
          What help output are you using/generating?
          Is it just the Index that is not displaying in the navigation pane or are you having problems with the topic part of help window.

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            Linux Rules Level 2
            Hello okra111 -

            Couple things to look at...was the server change an upgrade from 2k to 2003 or a clean install?

            If upgrade, IIS5 is replaced by IIS6 but it is DISABLED by default. Need to restart IIS6.

            If clean install, IIS6 is locked down very tight.
            * Check the running default web sites.
            * Check the Properties > Execute Permissions and set to either Scripts Only or Scripts and Executables

            Try opening your help and see if it now works.