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    User controlled 3D box - width, length, height?

      I would greatly appreciate anyone’s ides or comments on this...

      It is way over my head, but we have been given the unwieldy task of creating a dynamic 3D cube for a client so that the faces of the cube can be controlled to alter its shape.

      With some help we got a basic model working here http://clients.ahsinternet.co.uk/mo...s/DESIGN_08.htm (on the U Do Design page).

      Whilst this is great, we need more control over the shape with separate values for the top square and the bottom square, along the lines of this but still needs a lot of work http://clients.ahsinternet.co.uk/mockScreens/u-do-design.co.uk/mockScreens/DESIGN_09.htm

      The biggest difficulty I see is calculating the shape correctly with the 45 degree angle.

      Thanks for your thoughts.