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    PPro 2015.3 UHD playback HDMI to AJA-HA5-4k - Major dropped frames during playback



      Looking for solutions to UHD output via HDMI to AJA for 4k SDI playback. Experiencing terrible playback from Premiere Pro...dropping frames like crazy.


      Windows PC

      2 x E5-2697v3 processor

      128GB RAM

      Hardware Raid 0 (8x2TB SSD)

      Single GeForce GTX Titan X12GB

      PPro CC 2015.3


      Trying to play a string out UHD seq of 10 clips, encoded as cineform QT at 29.97fps which PPro supports natively without need for render. Output HDMI to AJA5-4k to convert to UHD SDI which feeds a 4k pipeline for large projection system.  Can get fairly stable UHD playback before connect to AJA. When connected to AJA, major dropped frames during playback.


      We have also tried a KONA card and no difference...actually worse.


      Anyone done 4k output converting to QUAD-SDI successfully? Really would appreciate some advice and real world experience. .