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    Index never loads with WebHelp Pro 2015 project published to RoboHelp Server 10

    NDRHelp Level 1

      I have a project that has been upgraded to RoboHelp 2015. If I view it using the viewer inside of RoboHelp, the index is there. When I publish this project to the RoboHelp Server 10, it continuously has the words "Loading index" on the index tab as shown on the screen shot.



      The index never appears. If I publish this project to RoboHelp Server 9, the index works fine. If I generate and publish a responsive HTML5 layout with this same project I get the index. I'm having the same issue with all WebHelp Pro projects I have published to RoboHelp Server 10.


      Update: I was able to publish a small test WebHelp Pro project to the RoboHelp Server 10 which successfully loaded the index. So, I believe that perhaps it is something with my particular WebHelp Pro project, so I'm going to move this to the WebHelp Pro area.


      Thank you,