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    Consolidating Font Families

    ethanp37255617 Level 1

      I am trying to organize my family of Gotham fonts. They were scattered across multiple different families and weights etc and it was horrible and just so annoying to work with.


      I downloaded a program called Font Forge and it allowed me to manually edit the font family name so that all the weights were just under the header "gotham". Okay great, that's squared away.


      Now the problem is that for some reason InDesign will not recognize some of them correctly. For example Gotham Book Italic shows up under Gotham (correct) and I can USE the font. It LOOKS fine. But on the list, rather than saying "book italic" it just says "italic".


      It's called Book Italic in my font book, and even in photoshop! Why won't indesign recognize PART of my font's family? How does it know it's italic and not BOOK italic?


      This is happening with like.. half of my Gotham family. I've cross-examined a working font and a non-working font in Font Forge and there are no differences.


      I've tried reinstalling indesign AND deleting preferences and turning off typekit and reinstalling the fonts that are affected by this.

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          MW Design Level 5

          What you did was illegal--perhaps asking the author to do so would have been a better route (though Hoefler likely would have said 'no' had they replied).


          If you wish to internally rename fonts, learn to do it correctly. Go to FontForge's forum and ask as it isn't really having something to do with Adobe's software directly and as it is illegal to muck about with another's font, we shouldn't give help to do so.


          All that said, even if you properly internally rename the fonts and they work in ID, they likely won't in some other applications. Consider logical groupings for the families.



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            ethanp37255617 Level 1

            extremely helpful as always, adobe forums

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              ethanp37255617 Level 1

              I actually figured this out since posting here. Not sure how I fixed it, but I just deleted and re-did all the fonts and they worked. So I must have been just typing something wrong. STILL not sure why it only would work in InDesign.


              Also for the record, all I was doing was sorting some poorly named fonts that were on my computer at work. If this is illegal I'm sorry to the font maker for "mucking about" with their fonts. If I get the death penalty for this, may my last words on the Adobe Forums be: I died in the name of font organization, and I harbor no regrets.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                There are two competing systems for font styles (actually, there is no competition at all – but the older system is too ubiquitous to just disregard). One is where a font has either "Bold" or "Italic" (or both) set as a single option, the other is with just a family name and an extensive list of possible sub-styles. It sounds your fonts are neither and so each one appears as a single unique font, unrelated to the others.


                Fixing this with FontForge ought to be possible, but you must take care to change exactly the right items. It's something even font designers get wrong; see, for example, this recent thread: Style Field in Character Palette


                Also, lots of font information gets cached, both by your system (especially when on a Mac) and by InDesign itself. There are a few other threads on how to clear those, making sure InDesign sees only the latest version.


                Best is contact your font supplier. It is highly likely you have an outdated Gotham; the one I have consists of two larger families ("Gotham" and "Gotham Condensed"), but all individual styles are gathered inside these two.

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                  ethanp37255617 Level 1

                  I had considered that it was a cache thing, but I uninstalled and re-installed InDesign and also cleared the preferences.


                  Mine are now under Gotham after a struggle, but before my list looked more like this:



                  Gotham Bold



                  Gotham Medium




                  It was horrible. I'm 100% sure you're right about them being out-dated and I may bring it up at our next meeting. Thank you so much for the reply, by the way.