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    canon 5D mark iv help!!!!


      I need to talk with someone. I am so frustrated, I have spent over an hour searching on these forums on what products I need in order to use lightroom and elements with my new canon 5d mark iv camera. I have both lightroom 5 as well as CC. I use lightroom 5 because I have many actions in elements 10 and was told the CC is not compatible with elements and in order to use lightroom CC i have to also use photoshop CC. So now I have this new camera and I am being told in the forum that my lightroom 5 will not be able to read the files. Is this true> If so what version of lightroom will read those files and will it be compatible with elements 10?


      thank you

      Also, when did become so difficult to get support from adobe, this is the worst. I have 4 products of theirs including cc and can not talk to anyone online or on the phone. How do I get answers if there is no support team to talk to?