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    Help: MOV file playing entire file really fast in Interactive PDF


      Hey everyone,


      I have a project that is due and I'm not finding a solution online. I created these step by step gifs to showcase how our applications work. Now they want an interactive PDF. I converted my gif files into MOV files (I even tried MP4 but I'm still have the same issues). When I export the document it literally plays the whole file really really fast and then when you select the play button it doesn't really do anything. I've been trouble shooting all day and I'm starting to feel defeated.


      I have the problem even when I unselect "play when page loads"


      My gif files were little frame by frames that played maybe 1-2 seconds long depending on the object.


      If anyone can help I will give you a virtual high five and you will have the pleasure of knowing that I might not jump off the 21st floor of this building.