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      hi, i am well versed in most uses of lightroom, but have failed to use the iptc fields in order to upload news items to an agency with caption and image description. Lightroom help seems to ignore this item, and i cannot find any other information. I check a number of images in library, fill in the appropriate sections, caption , name etc , and export and upload . My agency then tell me that there is no data attached.


      Any advice welcolm, and maybe adobe could include this in their how to instructions?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Many of the IPTC fields, but not all, are included in the photo when you export as JPG. Make sure that when you export, in the Export dialog box under Metadata, All Metadata is selected.

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            deryckd80653585 Level 1

            Many thanks. i did have the "All metadata" selected in the export box, but i also had the "remove personal data" ticked , which i have now removed. I have also gone from "default" to "EXIF and IPTC" in the Library box.


            I do not want to send to agency again incorrectly, is there any other way i can check that the data is being delivered? Maybe mail it to myself using a different email address and open with LR?


            Many thanks for your help, it does seem odd that adobe make no mention of this process in their documentation.


            Deryck D