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    Adobe Lightroom Desktop Won't Sync With Mobile



      I've searched these forums and tried many steps to try and resolve my problem.  I will try to document the issue and what I tried.


      I have a Windows 10 PC with Lightroom CC 2015.6.1 Build 1083169.  I've been using Lightroom since v3 and am trying to get the mobile piece working to sync with my iPad Pro 9.3.5 with latest update of Lightroom Mobile.  I also have an iPhone 6 plus with 9.3.5 and the latest update of Lightroom Mobile.  I have a creative cloud account that I use to log in to the Windows PC, iPad, and iPhone.  If I setup a collection and add images from either the iPhone or iPad, they successfully show up on each other's devices as well as on the web.  The Windows PC will not ever download the collections or images.  Furthermore, I cannot get the Windows PC to share out a collection after I click the dual arrow button to share it.


      Under settings preferences I'm logged in to the mobile with my CC account.  I have turned on mobile syncing within the application (it's not paused).

      I never see any Pending Sync Activity show up even after I set a new catalog to sync.  I have chose to specify location for lightroom mobile images and use subfolders by capture date.  After each iteration, I do re-open my master catalog.


      Here are some things I tried (that didn't work)

      - signing out of adobe CC and re-signing in to try and reset the login

      - Chose "Delete All Data" and this did delete as verified on the web and iPad and iPhone

      - Closed LR, renamed the Lightroom folder under user\appdata\Local, LocalLow\, and Roaming\, to try and clear the cached files that may have gotten corrupted.

      - Uninstalled and reinstalled LR CC

      - Actually setup a whole new CC account (I had to switch off my education version as I graduated anyways and this gave me an excuse to do this)


      Attached is the diagnostic log file when in the preferences menu as others have done in the past.


      I've put in hours on this - please help.