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    GPU not enabled in after effects CC

    TonyH28 Level 1

      Now, before you all tell me this has been discussed a million times ( I know) but I still have absolutely no solution.


      I have a Radeon R7 360 GPU which up until last week was working and recognised in after effects. There is nothing wrong with my card, it is still working and is recognised in prem pro, etc. All drivers are up to date and I have already:


      tried to add card name to excepted card list in text file

      re booted

      re installed AE twice!


      literally one day, it was working, the next, only cpu is recognised.


      I can't find and answer that will work. Basically at the moment, AE for me is rendered (no pun intended) completely useless. I have files that will just not display at all and it makes it impossibe to do my job.


      Any other suggestions other than buying a new card would be greatly appreciated.