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    Double trouble

      Im am trying to do a dragable map of my homecity, but i also want clickable button, which brings you to a decided location. I know how to make the map drgable, and i know how to make a button that brings you to a decided location, but i dont know how to make them work togehter.

      Please download the .FLA and see for yourself (MX Pro 2004)
      direct location:

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          blemmo Level 1

          I can't look at your fla atm, but it shouldn't be hard. Just do a check onMouseDown, if the mouse is over the button area, and call the button function if it is. If not, start the dragging. You can use the hitTest method for this, or code like
          if (_xmouse >= button._x && _xmouse <= button._x+button._width && _ymouse >= button._y && _ymouse <= button._y + button._height){
          // mouse over button
          else {