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    Missing preset 1080p 30 in PRE 14.0


      i am using PRE 14 and Adobe should open default with the last chosen preset (cc DSLR 1080p 30) that I last used from the settings in adobe. But on the next session adobe won't open with this setting. I found out that in te resources on my computer in adobe this file is not present ("HD 1080p 29.97 Sequence.epr" is present and if I choose that one adobe will open with that setting by default next time). My question is wether I can download that specific epr file somewhere in order to not having to change the settings every time I create a new project. The epr files are in the path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 14\MediaIO\systempresets. If another user can actually find this missing file in their directory it might do the trick for me if I can download that file and add to mine.