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    Serial number and lightroom 6


      i have  a plan with adobe and get all the upgrades, but have not upgraded for a while. at the moment I am using LR5. I tried to upgrade the other day, to LR6 numerous times and the download crashed everytime. I spent most of yesterday trying to get support from adobe and even they have not been able to figure it out either. What does seem to have happened though is my catalogue has been upgraded, but without LR6 i can't access it as the catalogue is now too new for the LR version I have available to me.My question is do I need my serial number to update to LR 6, as i don;t have it and even though I have asked for it adobe have not given it to me? just wondering if that could still be the problem, also has anyone got any ideas what I can try. I have tried the update via creative Cloud and also a standalone, but neither have worked.  I am using a Mac Thanks

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          dj_paige Level 10

          You have subscribed to Lightroom CC, but you are not using it? You are still using Lightroom 5?


          Even if Lightroom upgrades your catalog file to Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC 2015, your Lightroom 5 catalog is unchanged and still usable in Lightroom 5.


          Beyond that, I think your message is confusing to me, I'm not really sure what the problem is or what you are trying to say. The catalog cannot be upgraded to a Lightroom CC 2015 catalog if you weren't using Lightroom CC 2015. Are you sure you don't have both Lightroom 5 and Lightroom CC 2015 installed?