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    Audio icon/poster images change in Preview/export to ePub


      Hey everyone - this is my first time posting here... hoping you can help me. I've searched quite a few forums and haven't seen this exact issue come up yet. I apologize if it has and I just didn't find it.


      I have an INDD file exporting to ePub that I want to incorporate audio files. I have placed my media file (mp3) using the standard poster image. In the INDD file it appears to show correctly, however, when I preview it and/or export as an ePub fixed width or reflowable, the image changes to a solid rectangle with a play button.


      I've also published it online and the same issue happens https://indd.adobe.com/view/333a3330-e465-4d98-b179-529456e4eed7


      All I'd like to do is have my own image with the ability to click to start and stop the audio. I've also tried to do a custom image, but run into the same problem. Interestingly, in the iBooks preview after exporting to ePub, the icons show correctly in the thumbnail preview, however once you open the file it shoes the solid rectangular bars:


      Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 3.47.25 PM.png

      here's a quick video to show the actual book I'm placing the audio in.


      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!