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    Redirecting from anchors onepage template desktop layout to separate pages on phone layout.


      I have a one page web with anchors for desktop. For mobile layout I've built a multiple page web. Every page on phone layout correspond to a section under anchor on desktop layout. I send an email with a link to an anchor on desktop web, for instance www.myweb.com/sitefolder#about. Clicking on this link will open the page section under "about" anchor. If I open the email on phone and click on this link the browser try to open the page www.myweb.com/phone/sitefolder#about and of course there is no such link on phone layout. I want to open instead the page www.myweb.com/phone/sitefolder/about.html.

      I couldn't realize this by using URL redirect on Business Catalyst because redirecting script is inside index.html and it redirect only depending on screen size.

      Will be very grateful for help.