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    Move "Sync Data" to different location

    Einharch Level 1



      Recently switched to Lightroom CC in order to try a new workflow with the mobile app (basically, culling the 10's of thousands of photos when I'm not in front of my computer, on iPad pro).


      My current configuration is as follow:

      - Main computer at home (iMac Retina 5K) connected to an external hard drive system (32TB in Raid, thunderbolt)

      - A laptop with a second copy of Lightroom, connected to the same disk when in office (I take the disks with me)

      - Lightroom catalog with 1:1 cache all on that disk (about a million RAWs, but the cache has just a few months worth of 1:1 to keep it under 2TB)


      This results in very slow and tiresome culling, and I'd prefer to be able to cull whenever I have extra time during transportation or on the couch with the iPad in hand.

      Yesterday, I installed Lightroom CC and created collections for past month's photoshoots, about 20K photos. It's still syncing, very slowly.


      The problem:

      While I can keep al the caches on the external disk, it seems "Sync Data" is forcibly being created on the main disk ( ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data ).

      This is despite changing the preferences in Preferences>Lightroom Mobile>Location, deleting the cache, stopping and restarting the sync, etc


      The main problem is that I don't have enough space on my internal SSD drive, and I'd like to keep everything on the same external solution.


      Is there a way to achieve that?

      Thank you

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In Preferences, Lightroom Mobile, you can tell Lr where you want these files. Alternatively, right click a folder and set it as the folder for these pictures.


          Existing photos in sync.lrdata can be dragged wherever you want, just like dragging any other files in Lr.

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            Einharch Level 1

            Thank you for the answer.


            Like I said, I already set an external folder as the sync flder in Preferences>Lightroom Mobile>Location

            It just doesn't seem that Lightroom CC is taking this into account. It ignores that folder (it is empty now) and creates a sync.lrdata in ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data


            I suppose it's kind of a bug, as the other caches' configurations are respected (configured like that since Lightroom 4 and imported on each version upgrade).


            Thank you for the hint on dragging sync.lrdata, hopefully this saves me a day and half of recreating smart previews, just a bit worried that Lightroom continues to ignore the dragged file and creates a new one.


            I'll try again when it finishes creating this batch, maybe this time with a restart of the computer as well.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sorry, I had overlooked that you had already set up the folder location.


              I think sync.lrdata will no longer contain your originals, which I see as the real problem, but now it should be used purely as a cache and is harmless.



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                Einharch Level 1



                After trying again, first by dragging, nothing happened, Lightroom just created a new one and started the process of re-syncing from scratch.

                I thought that maybe it's registering somewhere information about the last path used, for I went and deleted the Sync folder itself (from the Cache folder, Photos, MobileSync, etc,just to be sure) as well as deleted all my online data from my profile.


                I then un-synced all photos, and changed the Location folder in Preferences>Lightroom Mobile back and forth.


                So basically, I restarted from scratch ... And the result? Nothing changed: Lightroom still uses my main hard drive for caching the sync information .