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    Video for Adobe Digital Eds?



      I work for a large education institution and we use Digital Edition to provide our online students with an e-library. Many of these students live remotely and don't have access to the academic libraries in the city. It works great, they download the books and after 2 weeks or less the book expires. No copyright breach, no rental cost to the student.

      I want to know can we do the same thing or similar with video, or is there any development in the works. When we want our students to watch an excerpt from a video, currently copyright laws don't allow us to do just put it up on our learning management system. So a Digital Editions-like solution would be great, where they can borrow videos digitally and after certain amount of time the video just expires, with no direct cost to them.

      I realise Google and iTunes already have a rent option but this can't be incorporated into a library system so it's no good for our purposes.