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    Renaming Virtual Copies for Export or Slideshow

    CliffD Level 1

      I have often created virtual copies when I'm developing photos but have only just realised that if I export both copies of the i mage (i.e. the orginal and the copy) or use them in a slideshow, both images retain the original filename if I have chosen to rename them whilst developing.


      For example I have an image xxxx.cr2 that I rename and then create a virtual copy of it.  Lightroom sees them as two images and indicates that one is a copy of the other. If I then rename the files using a sequence (e.g. xxxx-001, xxxx-002) Lightroom assigns the same name to both images so that the original and the VC have the same filename.  This is not a problem during the develop process but if I export to a hard drive or slideshow then it does start to get confusing.


      I hadn't realised this until a client mentioned some images to me and I realised we were both actually looking at different images.


      Is this basically something wrong with my workflow, which I should fix by doing something differently or is there a way to ensure that VCs can be renamed such that they end up with different filenames after images are renamed?


      Thanks in advance.