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    Cannot sync Lightroom Mobile / Cannot connect with desktop app


      Hi. I bought CC (Photography) just a few days ago and figured I'd start using Lightroom Mobile also. Installed app on my iPad Pro (12.9) and it at least seemed that everything worked right, I can see I'm logged on in the mobile app and there are no errors anywhere.


      However, the Desktop app seems to have a few problems.


      a) There's a constant "waiting for connection.." text in the top of the app window:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.05.42.png


      b) I can't seem to connect to Lightroom Mobile as the preferences window displays this:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.01.48.png

      However the Help-menu in the Lightroom app still shows I'm logged in:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.02.37.png

      And the CC "app" (in the menubar up top) shows my programs:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.03.02.png

      And my Account Info online shows the subscription as it should (no screenshot of that because it contains credit card digits).



      I tried logging off and back on again, restarting the Mac, checking the URLs to connect to Adobe (provided by a staff member in another thread). I can connect to said URLs and restarting/logging on/off did nothing else except:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.06.40.png

      Where that now says "Sync with Lightroom Mobile - Start", it used to say "Sync with Lightroom Mobile - Sign In.."


      I still can't find any way to actually sync anything between the Mobile and Desktop apps. My "Create Collection" window looks like this:

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-09-11 16.20.55.png

      There is no "Sync with Lightroom Mobile" checkbox or anything else for that matter.


      My Diagnostics Log follows:


      Lightroom Sync Diagnostic Log

      Generated: 2016-09-11T15:59:22+0300

      App has been running for 154 seconds (2 minutes, 34 seconds).

      This information will be used by Adobe engineers to help diagnose the problem you are reporting.


      Table of Contents

      1. Platform Description
      2. HTTP Client : ( unknown )
      3. HTTP Client : AgWFModelsThread.lua
      4. WFRxHttpClientImp: WFRxHttpClientImp.lua
      5. Messaging Processors


      Platform Description

      • getAppDeviceClass: mac
      • getAppIdentifier: Lightroom
      • getAppName: Adobe Lightroom
      • getAppVersion: 6.6.1
      • getBranchName: master
      • getBuildTarget: Release
      • getDeviceManufacturer: Apple
      • getDeviceModel: Mac
      • getOS: MacOSX
      • getOSVersion: 10.11.
      • hasACR: false
      • isAndroid: false
      • isCocoa: true
      • isConstrainedMemoryDevice: false
      • isDebug: false
      • isDesktop: true
      • isHighDPIDevice: false
      • isMac: true
      • isPhone: false
      • isProduction: false
      • isProfile: false
      • isRelease: true
      • isTablet: false
      • isTornado: false
      • isiOS: false
      • isiPad: false
      • isiPhone: false

      HTTP Client : ( unknown )

      • connections:
        • 1: uploads
        • 2: downloads
      • timings:
        • 1: GET
        • 2: PUT
      • totalHttpTime: 0

      HTTP Client : AgWFModelsThread.lua

      • connections:
        • 1: uploads
        • 2: downloads
      • timings:
        • 1: GET
        • 2: PUT
      • totalHttpTime: 0

      WFRxHttpClientImp: WFRxHttpClientImp.lua

      • counts:
        • 1: GET
        • 2: PUT
      • timings:
        • 1: GET
        • 2: PUT

      Messaging Processors

      • AgWFModelsThread.lua: GC size = 2307K (after GC = 2100K), peak size = 2307K
      • WFDiagnosticLogImp.lua: GC size = 1608K (after GC = 1579K), peak size = 1608K
      • WFRxHttpClientImp.lua: GC size = 1430K (after GC = 1429K), peak size = 1430K
      • AgKSSystemNotificationsImp.lua: GC size = 1240K (after GC = 1216K), peak size = 1240K

        • 1. Re: Cannot sync Lightroom Mobile / Cannot connect with desktop app
          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you try to re-sign-in via the Creative Cloud app. So quit Lr Desktop, re-sign-in via the CC-app preferences and restart Lr Desktop afterwards. Are still seeing the connections issue?



          • 2. Re: Cannot sync Lightroom Mobile / Cannot connect with desktop app
            Vahtera Level 1

            I did that already multiple times. Sorry I forgot to add it to the post. But it does say that I restarted the whole computer, which should accomplish the same thing.


            Anyway, I've been in touch with you with another support person via chat and remote support and they couldn't figure it out right away, so there's probably something strange going on. I have a scheduled support/remote session for tomorrow. We'll see if the technicians can figure anything out. Hopefully they can.

            • 3. Re: Cannot sync Lightroom Mobile / Cannot connect with desktop app
              Vahtera Level 1

                   Do you happen to know what happened to the support request? Nobody contacted me today via any means. I was supposed to be contacted via email by your support tech "Udit Tuli", but nothing has been done today. There's only a couple of hours left of "today" and I hope it's not meant to be this late as I'll have to get up next morning.


                   Tomorrow is out of question mostly, because I'm away from computer.  Not that it's a terribly important feature, but one that I'd like to at least try and use, maybe I'll even love it. And I do, after all, pay for it, so... It would be nice to get it to work.