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    Poor quality reproduction in standerd setting


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      Hi Bill.

      Please find more information below.


      My computer is new and made by accompany called Wired 2 Fire, its Windows 8-.Processer Intel(R) TM i5- 357OK-cpu 3.40GHz---8 GB --64 Bit,

      And am using, PR 11

      My camera is a Sony AVCHD. HDR11. the setting I used for the clips were not HD but, SD high quality .I've tried the auto settings for rendering, then I tried matching the project settings up manually, but when I burn it onto disc its a far cry from the original .can anybody help ?


      Freda Ernshore


      You ask for  more details ( yes I know  it was a couple of years ago when I sent you the above ) since then I came back and had another go .

      This time I  tried editing clips in HD, burned it onto disc, and it was good as the original. But editing them in standard is not  good at all.

      I've edited the same clips  in Sony Vegas in standard and they come out fine. Any ideas?

      Freda Ernshaw